About Us — Our Team and Branches

Our Team is made up of both volunteers and a paid employee who work tirelessly and enthusiastically at a national level and local level.

The team:

  • Administrator – Donna Vincent
  • National President – Anna Else
  • National Executive Officer – Donna Vincent 
  • Upper North Island Branch Team including the Branch President and committee members
  • Lower North Island Branch Team including the Branch President and committee members
  • South Island Branch Team including the Branch President and committee members

The National Executive responsible for governance and setting the direction of the organisation. Local committees are responsible for the management of events in within their branches and fostering L&D Practice at the local level.

For more information, click contact us or email nzatd@nzatd.org.nz

National Executive

The National Executive is accountable to our membership for the overall running of NZATD. They develop strategy and policy within the rules of NZATD and are responsible for the Annual Meeting and any changes to the rules.

In recent years the National Executive has set national goals to measure organisational performance.

The National Executive is made up of the National President, the Branch Presidents and, up to 6 people from local Branches.

The Team:

  • Joanna Smith – National President
  • Anna Else – Vice President
  • Donna Vincent – National Executive Officer
  • Stephanie Fegan – Upper North Island Branch Co-President
  • Giyora Barzilay  – Upper North Island Branch Co-President
  • Miranda Welch – Lower North Island Branch Co-President
  • Kath Cherrie – Lower North Island Branch Co-President
  • Geoff Ngataierua – South Island Branch President
  • Werner Naef – South Island Branch Representative

National Committee

The National Committee is a combined meeting of all Branch committees and the National Executive.  It meets once every 3 months.

The purpose of the National Committee is to help the separate groups managing NZATD at a branch level to understand each other’s perspectives and to work together on National priorities.

Upper North Island Branch

NZATD Upper North Island Branch region includes the districts of Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Auckland and Northland.  Members include professionals from both public and private sectors.  We aim to support educational designers, trainers, facilitators and leaders of learning by sharing knowledge & experience and exploring best practice across the different fields of practice within L&D.

The Team:

  • Co-Branch Presidents: Stephanie Fegan and Giyora Barzilay
  • Committee: Kim Dovey, Jacinta Penn and Lorna Proctor

Contact us: UNI@nzatd.org.nz

Lower North Island Branch

NZATD Lower North Island (LNI) Branch has members from Wellington up to Hawkes Bay, Manawatu, Whanganui and Taranaki. We are government and private sector professionals who work as learning and development specialists, learning designers, independent practitioners and consultants.

NZATD Lower North Island Branch holds quarterly in-person meetings in a Wellington location. Our meetings have a learning theme and include opportunities to interact and network with other learning and development professionals.

The Team:

  • Branch Co-Presidents: Miranda Welch & Kath Cherrie
  • Committee: David Webb, Leonie Black, Angela Page, and Liz Matthews

Contact us to find out more about our upcoming events: LNI@nzatd.org.nz

South Island Branch

Bridie Morell, NZATD South Island Branch enjoys connecting with local members, individuals and organisations who share a passion and professional interest in learning and development. Our network welcomes anyone who wants to share in rich conversations, ideas to enhance professional practice and to explore the successes and challenges of adult learning in the corporate, not- for -profit and community sectors.

The Team:

  • Branch President: Geoff Ngataierua
  • Committee: Bridie Morell, Werner Naef, Andrew Tiffany and Lynn Tough

Contact us:  southisland@nzatd.org.nz

Board of Studies

The NZATD Board of Studies oversees the NZATD Professional Membership programme.  The BoS are responsible for reviewing all Professional Membership applications and rewarding eligible applicants with membership including Professional, Fellow and Life.

The current BoS members include:

  • Diane Edwards (chair)
  • Fiona Berthold
  • John Faisandier

The NZATD National Executive oversees the BoS including role, responsibilities and board member selection.

To find out more about Professional Membership, click here .

To contact the BoS, email nzatd@nzatd.org.nz.

NZATD Education Trust

The NZATD Education Trust was established in 1985.  Although the Trust uses the NZATD name, it is an independent legal entity. 

Its purpose is to foster and advance the principles, methods and practical aspects of training and development and as such, provides training and development related grants to anyone to assist with specific proposals (projects).   

As a charitable trust, the trustees must ensure that they are contributing to the whole of the training and development community, not just members of NZATD.  The Trust has four permanent trustees.  The NZATD President and NZATD Treasurer are ex-officio trustees.

To find out more about The NZATD Education Trust and how to apply for a grant, click here .

National Presidents - Past and Present

The National Presidents of NZATD since it was constituted:
  • Anna Else (Lower North Island - Current National President)
  • Joanna Smith (Upper North Island)
  • Kath Cherrie (Lower North Island)
  • Diane Edwards (Upper North Island)
  • Barbara Morris (Lower North Island)
  • Simon Taylor (Lower North Island)
  • Beryl Oldham (Upper North Island)
  • Kevin Day (Lower North Island)
  • Phillippa Elliott (South Island)
  • Doug Turner (Upper North Island)
  • Colin Dawson (Upper North Island)
  • Leonie Black (Lower North Island)
  • Russell Robb (South Island)
  • Alan Barker (Upper North Island)


Under the former NZIM structure the National Presidents were:
  • Bob Wrighton
  • Matt Willoughby Graham