nzatd education trust

Background of the Trust

The NZATD Education Trust was established with the profits of the 1985 Wellington conference.  As NZATD was being established at this stage, the conference was floated and underwritten by the individuals on the conference committee.  When the conference achieved a healthy profit the committee voted to establish the Trust.

Although the Trust uses the NZATD name, it is an independent legal entity.  Its purpose is to foster and advance the principles, methods and practical aspects of training and development.  As a charitable trust, the trustees must ensure that they are contributing to the whole of the training and development community, not just members of NZATD.

The Trust has four permanent trustees.  The NZATD President and NZATD Treasurer are ex-officio trustees.  Over the years they have provided grants to:

  • train a voluntary organisation in experiential methods
  • relocate an Access radio studio
  • train museum officers
  • develop case studies for a university based research project
  • literature searches
  • attend overseas conferences
  • develop the NZATD Provider Directory
  • contribute to the development of this NZATD website

NZATD Education Trust Grants

Grants are available to anyone to assist with specific proposals (projects) which are considered by the Trustees to be relevant to training and development.  Some activities that would fit the criteria for the grants are:

  • support research and / or study, the results of which will add to the knowledge and skills of trainers in New Zealand;
  • assist with projects that develop people to carry out with greater competence, jobs related to their employment, trade or business;
  • support the promotion of awareness of training and development through publication, conferences, meetings and the media; and
  • support a visit to New Zealand by eminent people, knowledgeable about or working in a training related field overseas.

Where appropriate, successful applicants are encouraged to share the results of their project within New Zealand either by publication – preferably in the joint NZATD/AITD bi-monthly journal Training and Development and /or presenting a paper in a suitable forum such as an NZATD or HRINZ conference, or at a monthly meetings local NZATD groups.

Applying for an NZATD Education Trust Grant

Calls for Trust grant applications are advertised intermittently.  For further information about NZATD Trust Grants, please email