Supreme L&D Initiative of the Year – Won by BNZ

The Bank of New Zealand team show off their Supreme L&D Initiative of the Year and L&D Innovation of the Year awards.

L&D Person of the Year – Won by Diane Edwards of Ports of Auckland

Diane Edwards is presented with the L&D Person of the Year award by awards sponsor Winston Pond of Belbin NZ and Awards MC Nigel Paine.

On-Job Trainer/Coach of the Year – Sponsored by Sysdoc and Won by Eddie Haretukeu of Ports of Auckland

This person is recognised, not just by his own company, but across New Zealand as a leader in his field. Having begun as a port worker he worked his way up to become a performance coach and trainer. Investing in his own development he trained as a Workplace Assessor and has been responsible for overseeing the development of stevedoring unit standards registered on the NZQA framework. These will enable men and women with little formal education but good experience to gain a qualification for the first time. He has led projects that have significantly improved health and safety and still finds time to provide on the job coaching to people learning to operate cranes and straddles. A lifelong high achiever in his field he is a worthy winner of this award.

Eddie is pictured with award sponsor Sysdoc’s CEO NZ/AU Desiree Botica.

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Emerging L&D Person of the Year – Won by Michelle Smith of Ports of Auckland

L&D wasn’t originally in Michelle’s career plan. But a growing realisation that many systems implementations fail due to lack of end-user engagement and training led her to start exploring this as a career option. By her own admission she is still learning what L&D can offer but already she has begun to make her mark in the L&D space. She has managed to take a traditional but largely ineffective training function and turn it into one that business managers trust and value. She’s added customers to the training equation and is respected by all for her efforts in promoting access to learning for all. She has become a subject matter expert for her LMS and is contacted by people from around NZ and overseas for help. She’s woven compliance training into the wider business ecosystem contributing to business outcomes beyond L&D. All in all, a true rising star.xt in the module Advanced settings.

Michelle is pictured with Awards MC Nigel Paine.

L&D Practioner of the Year – Won by Diane Edwards of Ports of Auckland

This is one of the rare individuals who has not only had a successful career in Learning and Development but has also made it to the “C Suite” in one of New Zealand’s top 100 companies. Now listed as one of the world’s top 70 Women in Maritime she has remained a strong advocate for learning and development, still mentors learning professionals and continues to provide leadership training in her own company as well as championing learning technologies. She has won multiple awards for her work, is a sought after speaker at conferences both in NZ and internationally, has published extensively and is active in cyberspace through social media and her own blog. A fellow of NZATD she has served the Association in a number of different ways, most recently as its National President.

Diane is pictured with Awards MC Nigel Paine.

L&D Innovation of the Year – Sponsored by Optimism and Won by BNZ

BNZ is on a mission to empower their customers with digital knowledge – launching the Digital Guru programme; an initiative designed to create passionate, digitally savvy BNZers. This voluntary programme was released in February 2017, with more than half of the Bank since signing up to take part. It includes learning to educate BNZers about digital products and empowers them to hold engaging conversations with their customers. BNZ has since partnered with Google and Barclays Bank to lift BNZers capability in all things digital, preparing them for the digital future. The success of Digital Gurus lies with its design, using customer data to create the learning, while succinctly aligning to BNZ’s strategic goals. Additionally, with eLearning, virtual classrooms, and social learning all working together – the programme is a great example of a truly blended learning initiative. Digital Gurus. Empowering BNZers to help their customers.

Renetta Alexander, BNZ’s Manager Enterprise Learning, is pictured with her winning team alongside award sponsor Optimism’s Sussan Ockwell and Awards MC Nigel Paine.



L&D Research of the Year – Won by Chartered Organisational Psychologist Karen Tonkin

The resilience of employees is identified as essential to organisational adaptability in uncertain business environments. Yet little is known about how the resilience of employees can be developed. We investigated the effect of a wellbeing intervention on two forms of individual resilience: employees’ stress-coping ability (personal resilience) and resilient workplace behaviours (employee resilience). 209 participants completed an online wellbeing and resilience survey, a subset of 145 participants took part in a workplace wellbeing intervention, followed by a second survey. Results indicated personal and employee resilience are two related, but distinct, constructs. Following the wellbeing intervention, personal resilience remained stable, but small increases were noted in levels of employee resilience and wellbeing. These results provide a basis for further investigation into how an organisation’s investment in supporting and developing the wellbeing of employees may enhance the collective capacity for organisational resilience where employees adapt and thrive in the face of challenges.

L&D Programme of the Year – Sponsored by Belbin NZ and Won by 2degrees

2degrees undertook a business transformation project upgrading billing and CRM systems affecting 850 staff cross-functionally and 600 staff in partner retailers nationwide. Changes to back-end systems meant Customer Care and Sales teams particularly needed training on new systems and processes to manage customer interactions. A key challenge was training people to operate new software while using current systems until launch. A significant blended learning programme was developed to support diverse teams using self-paced tools including online and social learning along with traditional face-to-face workshops and train-the-trainer. Additional support was provided through webinars, just-in-time refreshers, scenario-based learning and job aids (physical and online). At launch, frontline teams could assist customers despite much higher than normal call volumes and foot traffic in stores and backend support teams could perform their roles effectively. The programme was a testament to sound learning analysis, design, development and implementation contributing to beneficial outcomes for the business.

2degrees Head of Learning and Development is shown here with her winning team and Awards MC Nigel Paine.

This award was sponsored by Belbin NZ.

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