NZATD Code of Professional Practise

NZATD Code of Professional Practice

On joining and renewing NZATD membership, members agree to follow the NZATD Code of Professional Practice.


1. Accept responsibility for their work and effective use of resources entrusted to them following the guidelines mutually drawn up and agreed to by client and member.

2. Accept assignments within their own competence or seek appropriate expertise from suitably qualified individuals.

3. Maintain self-development and strive to keep abreast of changes and developments relevant to the profession and accept responsibility for assisting others to develop in the profession.

4. Work to the highest legal and ethical standards.

5. Disclose to the client or employing organisation immediately any personal interest which may conflict with the client’s or organisation’s interests.

6. Maintain the confidentiality of knowledge gained whilst acting as an employee or consultant.

7. Strive to establish and maintain relationships with whom they work and are responsible for, so that effective learning and development takes place.

8. Establish measurable plans and use suitable methods and media to ensure that those for whom they have a responsibility for training and development meet agreed learning objectives.

9. Refrain from discriminating between individuals solely on the grounds of sex, race, status, age or beliefs, and to respect the dignity and privacy of the individual.

10. Pay proper regard to the health, safety and wellbeing of the personnel within their responsibility.

11. Share research findings and the application of new knowledge and skills as appropriate and acknowledge where possible the contribution of others.

12. Strive to enhance the integrity and the credibility of the profession and the New Zealand Association for Training and Development.

13. Refrain from actively engaging in promotional activities for any company, product or service while at an NZATD event, using an NZATD on-line forum or through any other NZATD organised activity, except when part of a sponsorship or an official advertisement.  Promotional activities to be avoided includes the giving out of unsolicited business cards, brochures and other materials, using presentation opportunities to promote a company or commercial product or service, posting advertising material to NZATD social media forums and publications, except in predefined designated areas or any use of the NZATD name or branding in any promotional materials without written consent.