Mentoring Programme

New in 2022!  

NZATD has partnered with our sister organisation AITD to bring a mentoring programme back to our members!  We are inviting mentors and mentees to apply.

The first co-hort of the programme will run from 20 January to 30 June.  Registrations will be accepted up to 27 February 2022.

There will be another opportunity to join in the second half of 2022.


How it Works

Once you have registered, you will be given access to the Mentorloop platform to complete a profile. Based on this information, you will be matched with a mentor/mentee.

Mentors and mentees can set their own schedule of meetups, but we encourage you to meet (either in person or virtually) at least once a month across the duration of the program.

As the program progresses, you will also have the option to reach out to others in the program to broaden your horizons and expand your network further.


Members Only

The mentoring programme is exclusive to NZATD and AITD members, and participants will be matched with a mentor/mentee according to their interests or needs.

The programme uses an innovative mentor programme management platform called MentorLoop.


Registration is $250AUD for mentees.  There is no registration fee for mentors.


Learn more and to Apply

For more information, click here to visit AITD’s website:

Click the link for NZATD members to register and apply.  You will need to include your name, email address, physical address, mobile phone number and your NZATD membership number.

Tip: To find your membership number, log into the NZATD website, and click on ‘Member Profile’. When the page loads, click ‘View Profile/Edit Profile’ and you will see your membership number displayed. Alternately, email Janette at to ask.


AITD will send you an invoice for the cost of the programme. Upon receipt of payment, you will be invited to log in to MentorLoop, and participate


Express interest!

If you’d like to express interest in joining the programme in 2022, go to the email