"L&D Practitioner" Award

“L&D Practitioner” Award

NZATD, in association with NZATD Education Trust, introduced the L&D Practitioner award to recognise excellence among individuals actively engaged in the Learning and Development profession. Rather than focus on particular skills, e.g. facilitation, it seeks to acknowledge that individuals may exhibit excellence within the profession through a range of expertise that may span a range of different learning disciplines, for example (but not limited to) needs analysis, instructional design, assessment and evaluation, eLearning, facilitation; managing the learning and development function, etc.

Application Criteria

The winning professional will:

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IMPORTANT – Please read before you apply using our online form.

  1. Review the application criteria (listed above)
  2. In a word document, prepare your application by answering the questions below and prepare any supporting documents.
    (Please be aware that the online entry form cannot be saved. You will need to complete it in one sitting which is why we suggest you prepare your answer before clicking the link below.)
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Award Application Questions:

  1. Contact Name
  2. Name of organisation
  3. Contact Email
  4. Preferred phone number
  5. Alternative phone number
  6. What is your current role and how long have you been working in the field of Learning and Development?
  7. Review the TWO NZATD Competency Framework Core Competencies of ‘Adult Learning Principles’ and ‘Learning and Development Practice’. Describe how you apply the competency criteria for each one within your field of practice.
  8. Choose at least TWO NZATD Competency Framework Specialist Competencies (instructional design, assessment, on-the-job training, evaluation, eLearning, facilitation, informal/social learning). Describe how you demonstrate the competency criteria for each one within your field of practice.
  9. Please provide a 150 word summary of your entry to be read out should you win.
  10. You may upload up to 3 supporting documents below or else provide links to a maximum of 3 supporting documents in the space below. (Please supply passwords if required.)
  11. Please provide details of three (3) referees who can vouch for your entry.  Include names, contact details, and how they have been involved and/or why they are qualified to comment.
  12. Is there anything else you would like to tell us to support this entry?