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All organisations can profit from the increased productivity and innovation that good environmental management offers. Risk, opportunity, productivity, staff engagement, compliance, profitability, innovation, environment, sustainability – are these terms being bandied around your organisation?

Consultants: Clare Feeney

Are you worried about environmental compliance or falling profits, or looking for sustainability positioning in increasingly competitive markets?

Then Clare’s workshops on environmental risk and environmental training are just what you need. Author of the book “How to change the World – a practical guide to successful environmental training programs”, she offers a range of keynote presentations and training workshops for people at all levels.

Clare is currently offering four workshops:

  • seven risks that environment and sustainability pose to your business viability
  • how to create a robust environmental training strategy
  • setting up an effective environmental training program: the seven elements of success
  • becoming an excellent environmental trainer.

These workshops run as both public workshops and in-house training.

Clare has over 20 years’ hands-on experience in environmental management, education and training. She understands the pressures facing companies even in the best of times, and how all organizations can profit from the increased efficiency, productivity, innovation and legal compliance that good environmental management offers.

She has developed and delivered environmental training strategies, programs and workshops to meet the needs of government, business, tertiary and vocational educators, first nations peoples and nonprofits.

I thoroughly enjoyed your session and learnt information that I hope to apply in my own workplace. Dr Coral Pepper, Edith Cowan University, Australia

“I love the book’s layout and principles, and your conversational style. It is a gem and I’ll spread the word.” Mark Hostetler, Department of Wildlife Ecology & Conservation, IFAS, University of Florida

I really did enjoy the workshop. It was exactly what I needed to help me achieve my business objectives. Constance Kola-Lawal, Nigeria

I loved the openness and exploratory nature of the workshop, and appreciate getting the workbook and references to take away and continue thinking! Really look forward to the next steps. Jane James, New Zealand

Clare’s workshop exceeded my expectations. The material provided included a pre-workshop exercise which really got me thinking about my role as a trainer and what I wanted to get out of the workshop. This was really valuable because it meant I showed up to the workshop already in the frame of mind to participate and get the most out of the day. Clare was well organized and has a gift of encouraging her trainees. I left the workshop confident in myself as an environmental trainer. The workshop brought together like-minded people and gave me the support I needed to set clear training objectives for my team. Elyse LaFace, Environmental Specialist, New Zealand
Clare is an able and entertaining trainer who created a stimulating learning environment. Her lively personality soon had us all working together on practical tasks and learning from each other’s experience. I learned many important things about training that I will use. Jan Crawford, New Zealand

Website: www.clarefeeney.com
Email address: clare@clarefeeney.com
Status with NZATD: Member