NZATD Upper north island Branch

NZATD Upper North Island Branch

The NZATD Upper North Island Branch (including the districts of Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Gisborne) is a thriving branch with members in the L&D/T&D profession and practice from private and public sectors, commercial training providers and independent consultants.
We are constantly reminded how precious and special our members and their networks are, and that the Association is as good as its members, vis-a-vis “the members are as good as the Association”.

The Branch is committed to the L&D/T&D Function for Aotearoa NZ by:

  • casting the correct L&D/T&D image and have our stakeholders sight us as the AUTHORITY in People & Performance.
  • building an environment that sustains more value creation for organisations in New Zealand and ultimately more prosperity for its people.
  • lifting New Zealand’s competitiveness for the prosperity of greater Auckland in the context of Aotearoa NZ’s cultural heritage.


The Branch seeks to deliver relevant, engaging professional development activities each month.

We do this by offering series of events and activities to enhance:

  • Training Mastery: includes eLearning & Technology; Training Impact & Effectiveness-Instructional Design/Facilitation Skill, Learning Styles/Tools; Training Trends & Economic Relevance; etc.
  • Development Mastery includes Organisational Development/Behaviour/Design; Leadership Management & Development, Employee Engagement & Development; Change Management; Diversity, Culture & Capability; Team Management & Development; Performance & Appraisal Management; Government Efficacy; Business Efficiency; Productivity, Innovation-Service/Product Quality, ROI; Training Trends & Economic Relevance; etc.

The Branch has moved into competence-based professional development and has initiated a T&D Key Competency Framework. The focus is to pay attention to specialised fields in L&D/T&D to ensure that employees’ skills and competencies stay at the highest performance levels to help organisations weather any storm(s), and thereby aids with positioning them to soar above the competition in better times.

The Branch invites Leaders, L&D/T&D professionals and practitioners to join and contribute to our Key Competency Communities by being the specialist Voice, passionate about People & Performance matters. This will serve to provide a more accurate, professional development and voice to every specific specialised field of L&D/T&D in relation to People and Performance matters.

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NZATD Auckland Branch Committee

President: Helen Reid

CommitteeSam Smith, Sarah Williams, Kim Dovey, Karen Bain, Suzi Rangi, Anne Pollard and Cain Prentice