NZATD Learning and Development Awards 2021

NZATD Learning and Development Awards 2021

The NZATD Awards are held in conjunction with the NZATD Conference. The 2021 awards have a slightly different look to previous years.

The National Executive decided that it made sense to link the awards to NZATD Competency Framework. We have spent a considerable amount of time and consultation effort developing these. The Framework sets the standard for L&D in New Zealand. So why wouldn’t we link these two flagship items/events.

We are very excited with the final award categories. We consider they will provide a great variety of people and initiatives to be reviewed and celebrated.

The Individual Awards are awarded to individuals for their contributions to the field of L&D and the community.

The Initiative Awards are awarded to either an organisation, team or individual for a piece of learning that aligns with the best practice criteria of the award criteria.

As there are more awards than in previous years, there will be a single winner for each award, rather than a winner and runner up.

This is not a time to be embarrassed about putting your work forward. This is a time for us to find out what is happening in our L&D world and learn from each other. The process of reviewing your work through the lens of the application is a tremendous learning experience.

We encourage you to start by looking at the categories listed below then think about who you will encourage to enter – maybe even yourself.

Let’s make the 2021 NZATD Awards outstanding!

What are the awards you can apply for?

Individual Awards:

L&D Practitioner
  • This award is for long-standing practitioners who demonstrates best practice and to recognise the contributions, inspiration and guidance they provide to the L&D community
  • Eligible applicants will be currently employed in the L&D field for more than two years
Emerging L&D Practitioner
  • This award is to encourage newer L&D practitioners to strive for best practice and recognise the contributions they are making to the community
  • Eligible applicants will be currently employed in the L&D field for less than two years
L&D Consultant
  • This award recognises those L&D practitioners that work in a consultancy capacity
  • Eligible applicants will contract L&D services for more than two years
L&D Manager
  • To recognise outstanding L&D managers and the contributions, inspiration and guidance they provide to their team and the L&D community
  • Eligible applicants will be Employed in the field of L&D and lead a team of at least two people
L&D Strategist
  •  To recognise those working at a more strategic level within the field of L&D, who provide inspiration, guidance and insight
  • Eligible application will report to CE or contract L&D Strategic services

Initiative Awards:

  • To recognise the efforts that go into creating an accessible piece of learning and encourage best practice
  • Eligible initiatives will comply with accessibility standards
  • To recognise outstanding learning that has been developed within tight budget constraints
  • Eligible initiatives will have a total project cost <$12,000 with innovative use of resources
  • To recognise innovative, engaging and excellent compliance learning
  • Eligible initiatives will have an assessment against nationally recognised compliance topic
Blended Learning
  • To recognise blended learning solution combines multiples learning interventions to create a cohesive learning programme
  • Eligible initiatives will include a minimum of three learning initiatives
Emerging Technology
  • To recognise the changing world of L&D and those who are embracing it
  • Eligible initiatives will use of new technology in a learning setting

Important Dates


Applications closed: 07 May 2021

Winners announced: 23/24 June 2021 as part of the conference


Information to Help you Apply

NZATD Competency Framework

Preparing a Successful Application